General Legal System

The main sources of law in India are the Constitution, Statutes (Legislation), Customary law, and Case law. The Statutes are enacted by Parliament, State Legislatures and Union territory Legislatures.

Because India is a land of diversity, local customs and conventions that are not against statue or morality or otherwise undesirable are, to a limited extent, also recognized and taken into account by the courts while they administer justice in certain spheres. Also, people of different religions and traditions are governed by different sets of personal law with respect to matters relating to family affairs.

A unique feature of the Indian Constitution is the judicial system. A single integrated system of courts administers both union and state laws. The Supreme Court of India, seated in New Delhi, is the highest body in the entire judicial system. Each state or a group of states had High Court under which there is a hierarchy of subordinate courts.

To encourage trade and industry to have recourse to arbitration rather than time-consuming court litigation, the existing arbitration law is proposed to be revised under the Arbitration and Conciliation Bill 1995.

What we do


Pre-litigation is the term used to describe activity that happens regarding a legal claim before a lawsuit is officially filed. We take reduce significant amount of time to settle a case by working on it in the pre-litigation stage in the hopes of settling it fairly without having to file a suit.

We send out demand notices, settlement letters and also arrange and conduct adhalaths taking care from end to end of all the required procedures to settle claims outside court.


We provide end to end support to clients for filing cases and moving forward on litigation stage. We complete all the proceedings to complete filing procedures and appear in the court for all the court sessions to attain positive outcomes each case

Payment support

Adharva has tied up with post office and other government agencies to provide our clients with payments points. The clients can utilize this to provide easily accessible locations for their subscribers/prospects to make payments easily and safely.


Legal services

Litigation and pre-litigation activities are handled end to end

Recharge Solutions

We provide recharge services of different Telco's through alternate trade channels

VDP and despatch

We provide production level printing Variable data printing and despatch of any kinds of letters.

Call center Support

we provide additional support to clients by providing a point of contact maintaining a contact center of our own